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I’m a writer. I love photography, art, history, writing, reading & hungry to learn more. I am privileged to live in Scotland with the most lovable labradors Buddy and Bella. I write, sing, love, laugh and cry every day
I have health problems which slow me down & restrict me: however I try my best to turn a negative into a positive. I so enjoy spending time with my 2 sons, grandchildren and riding our Harley Davidson.
It's not how long you live, it's what you do while you are here.

  • An evening drive to Eyemouth

    Writer Elizabeth Johnston-Young blogs about a day trip in Scotland. Ride on Harley-Davidson to Eyemouth, via Pencaitland, Gifford, Spott, Dunbar. Witches Stone.

  • A trip to Burntisland, Fife.

    East Lothian writer, Lizbeth Johnston-Young writes blog post about travels on Harley-Davidson®. A day trip in Scotland. This trip to Burntisland, Fife with Dunedin Chapter friends

  • A Loch and two reservoirs

    East Lothian writer Lizbeth Johnston-Young blogs about travel to Scottish Borders. A day trip to St Mary’s Loch, Megget Reservoir & Talla Reservoir

  • Welcome to A day trip in Scotland

    East Lothian writer Lizbeth Johnston-Young blogs about her travels on Harley-Davidson® motorcycle with husband. A day trip in Scotland: reviews places of interest, cafes, bars, B&B’s, hotels. Photos of trip and bike as well as her labradors.